Cinematic Intelligence Agency

Star trek: Deep Space Nine

1.01 Emissary UFP takes over Terok Nor from Cardassian Union!
1.02a Past prologue Kira Nerys meets former Khon-ma!
1.03a Babel Miles O’Brien speaks gibberish!
1.04a Q-less Vash: Gamma Quadrant rescue!
1.05a Passenger, The Dead prisoner threatens DS9!
1.06a Nagus, The Zek makes Quark an offer he can’t refuse!
1.07a Battle lines Kai Opaka dies in Gamma Quadrant mishap!
1.08a Progress Kira Nerys: Two wrongs make a wrong!
1.09a Dramatis personae Kira Nerys overthrows Ben Sisko, Rules DS9!
1.10a Duet Kira Nerys arrests Cardassian Marritza as war criminal!

2.11a Homecoming, The Kira Nerys rescues Li Naras from Cardassians!
2.11b Circle, The Bajoran separatist terrorists hijack DS9!
2.12b Invasive procedures Trill renegade steals Dax symbiont!
2.13b Melora First Elaysian in Starfleet bonks Julian Bashir!
2.14b Necessary evil Pallra: My husband blackmails Bajorans!
2.15b Sanctuary Haneek leads Dominion refugees through wormhole!
2.16b Alternate, The Doctor Mora Pol reveals Odo’s origins!
2.17b Whispers Miles O’Brien in persistent paranoid nightmare!
2.18b Shadow play Jadzia Dax and Odo in Yaderan investigation!
2.19b Profit and loss Cardassian Natima Lang loves Quark!
2.20b Maquis I, The UFP terrorists attack Cardassians!
2.21b Wire, The Obsidian Order makes Garak ill, Julian Bashir to the rescue!
2.22b Collaborator, The Vedek Bareil and Vedek Winn campaign for Kai!
2.23b Jem’Hadar, The Jake and Ben Sisko meet deadly Dominion soldiers!

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3.01 Search, The Ben Sisko seeks Founders, finds Founders!
3.02a House of Quark, The Klingon Kozak killed in Quark’s!
3.03a Second skin Cardassian Union: Kira Nerys not Bajoran!
3.04a Civil defence Cardassian security routine takes control of DS9!
3.05a Defiant Will Riker steals USS Defiant!
3.06a Past tense I Julian Bashir, Jadzia Dax, Ben Sisko trapped in past!
3.07a Life support Vedek Bareil injured before Cardassian Union peace talks!
3.08a Destiny Vedek Yarka’s disaster prophecy tests Emissary!
3.09a Visionary Romulan delegates do the dirty at DS9!
3.10a Through the looking glass Ben Sisko in Mirror Universe rebellion!
3.11a Die is cast, The Cardassian and Romulan spies in all-out attack on Dominion!
3.12a Family business Ishka earns profit: Special tips for your venture!
3.13a Facets Jadzia Dax undergoes Trill Rite of Closure!

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4.01 Way of the warrior, The Klingon Empire in Dominion War, Worf transfers to DS9!
4.02a Visitor, The Ben Sisko frozen in time while Jake Sisko ages!
4.03a Indiscretion Dukat finds lost ship and lost love child!
4.04a Little green men Nog, Quark and Rom cause interplanetary incident at Roswell!
4.05a Sword of Kahless, The Jadzia Dax, Kor and Worf find Sword of Kahless!
4.06a Home front Ben Sisko oversees Earth anti-Dominion arrangements!
4.07a Crossfire Odo and Shakaar, Edon: We both love Kira Nerys!
4.08a Sons of Mogh Kurn: Why Worf must die!
4.09a Accession Akorem Laan: I am the one true Emissary!
4.10a Hard time Miles O’Brien, Miles: My 20 year Agrathi prison sentence!
4.11a Muse, The Alien mind vampire attacks Jake Sisko!
4.12a To the death Renegade Jem’Hadar attack DS9!
4.13a Body parts Quark dying: Body parts for sale, highest bidder takes all!

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5.01a Apocalypse rising Chancellor Gowron Dominion shape shifter?
5.01b Ship, The Ben Sisko captures downed Dominion ship!
5.02b Nor the battle to the strong Jake Sisko trapped in Dominion battle!
5.03b Trials and Tribble-ations Arne Darvin in temporal attack on Captain Kirk!
5.04b Things past Bizarre time twist on Gul Dukat’s Terok Nor!
5.05b Rapture Ben Sisko has visions from Prophets!
5.06b Begotten, The Kira Nerys gives birth, Odo raises Changeling!
5.07b In Purgatory’s shadow Garak and Worf caught by Jem’Hadar!
5.08b Doctor Bashir, I presume Julian Bashir: My genetic superman secret!
5.09b Business as usual Quark: Arms dealing saves my business!
5.10b Ferengi love songs Ishka and Zek in feisty Ferenginar frolic!
5.11b Children of time USS Defiant in terrible time travel twirl!
5.12b Empok Nor DS9 crew scrounge from Cardassian station!
5.13b Call to arms War!

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6.01a Time to stand, A Starfleet destroys key Ketracel White facility!
6.01b Rocks and shoals Starfleet crew crashes on Dominion planet!
6.02b Behind the lines Cardassians can destroy DS9 minefield!
6.03b Sacrifice of angels UFP retakes DS9 from Cardassian Union!
6.04b Resurrection Mirror Universe Bareil visits DS9!
6.05b Magnificent Ferengi, The Dominion kidnaps Ishka en route to Vulcan!
6.06b Who mourns for Morn? Morn dead!
6.07b One little ship Julian Bashir, Jadzia Dax and Miles O’Brien shrink!
6.08b Change of heart Worf: My Klingon heart chooses love before duty!
6.09b Inquisition Section 31: Julian Bashir secret Dominion spy!
6.10b His way Feelix finishes Vic Fontaine holoprogram!
6.11b Valiant Jake Sisko and Nog rescued by Starfleet covert cadets!
6.12b Time’s orphan Molly O’Brien falls into Galana time portal!
6.13b Tears of the Prophets Jadzia Dax dead!

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7.01a Image in the sand Sara Sisko: I was a wormhole alien!
7.01b Shadows and symbols Ben Sisko uncovers unknown Orb of Emissary!
7.02b Take me out to the holosuite Niners vs Logicians in big baseball battle!
7.03b Treachery, faith and the Great River Weyoun clone defects to Odo!
7.04b Siege of AR-558, The Starfleet defends communications array!
7.05b It’s only a paper moon Nog: AR-558 Syndrome more than post-traumatic stress!
7.06b Emperor’s new cloak, The Mirror Universe rulers kidnap Grand Nagus Zek!
7.07b Chimera Odo finds new Changeling in space!
7.08b Badda-bing, badda-bang Las Vegas Mafia buys Fontaine holoprogram!
7.09b Till death do us part Ben Sisko and Kasidy Yates: Wedding of the quadrant!
7.10b Changing face of evil, The Breen attack Earth!
7.11b Tacking into the wind CLF raids Dominion shipyard!
7.12b Dogs of war, The Zek declares Rom new Ferengi Grand Nagus!


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