Horoscope of Michael Jackson

Horoscope of Michael Jackson

Natal Chart Analysis
Here is the chart of one of the most talented artists ever to grace the pop culture, Michael Jackson. Having Sun in Virgo, there is a natural shyness about him but the three planets in Leo (Mercury, Venus and Uranus) in the 3rd House (famous glove and shoes) are what gives him the dynamic element in his personality and the dramatic and theatrical side of him. Even the jeweled glove is part of the Leo side of him. Leo on his 4th house indicates that places with Royalty will be very good for him to settle.

Even though Michael always comes across as being rather frail, nobody recognizes the dynamic energy and sudden burst of super human effort in his dancing that he dazzles everyone with. The best of the dancers find it very difficult to do for a few minutes what he did with his feet and moves for hours. In this regard, he was very much like James Brown also and in fact copied some of his moves also.Michael took the best of many artists and added his own brand to it. Combining the moves of Fred Astaire, the hat of Charlie Chaplain, the kung fu moves and shoes of Bruce Lee, some Elvis, lot of James Brown and even the street dancers from Harlem, he made it seemlessly alive with his unique energy and masterful moves.

Three planets on top of his chart just about guaranteed his fame. Performing from the time he was five and on top of the charts when he was only eleven, he was born to perform. Venus in Leo gives him the love of costumes and drama. Lisa Presley represented his love of blond women especially those who were in the limelight also as his Venus conjunct Uranus in Leo is in his 3rd house (communication, famous lyrics that he wrote and singing). Venus conj Uranus gives electric magnetism, sudden attractions, sudden breakups but also brilliant artistic moves and pioneering of music videos treated like films.

Pluto close to Sun makes one rather powerful but also indicates when major forces are trying to hamper one’s goals in life. Moon in Pisces indicates an acute sensitivity especially for children, old people and small animals. Moon trines to Neptune emphasizes this even more and increases the environmental sensitivity as well. He really feels for the underdog and the downtrodden.

Moon in Pisces squared by Saturn makes his pathological depression even more acute and probably made him anemic as well) lack of iron. I find this amongst a lot of vegetarians and in a party in Hollywood Hills long time ago, his chefs confirmed to me that he was a vegetarian. This aspect also gives skin related problems and indicates a low blood pressure and metabolic rate. His reclusive tendency and hiding behind the dark glasses is the hallmark of this configuration as well.

Born on a Full Moon (Sun in Virgo Moon in Pisces) he has a strong sense of destiny but every seven years would also experience many delays and opposition to his goals in life. In fact, this configuration also indicates when career and home changes happened at the same time.

Moon opp Pluto is a strange aspect which on one hand indicates his reaching out to those who are downtrodden in order to save them (best way to offset this theme) but on the other hand, also shows an almost demonic visual imagery, which he used in Thriller with Zombie’s coming out. Cemetery, ruins, zombies etc are all part of this adverse aspect. It affects people at a subconscious level and in his songs, he got back at the society and the establishment in a very daring, dynamic, radical manner. The powerful beats in his songs are also part of the same aspect and indicates women would be his worst enemies especially mother figures (all the accusations were from the vindictive mothers who used him also).

Mars square Mercury gave him a powerful and forceful punctuations in his voice and the sense of drama and theatrics.

Michael Jackson’s Transits:
We just heard that Michael was admitted to the hospital for cardiac arrest. Moon is in Leo (celebrities in the news and we also heard about Farrah Fawcett passing away earlier today) touching off all his Leo planets indicate the class of his performance and even his title “King of Pop”. Ironically, Moon was also in Leo when Princess Diana passed away and the connotation of Prince (Leo = royalty) is obvious here. Moon in Leo in his 4th house indicates that he actually died at his home and not at the hospital.

Saturn is in his 4th house just coming out definitely points to his coming out of the obscure phase. This is often considered the house of “last abode”. The last few years would have been very obscure for him but also when he laid the foundations for his future success. had Saturn come of his 4th house (by end of July 2009) he would have been in the public eye for the next 20 years or so!

End of May and beg June was very dangerous for him also when Mars opposed his Neptune and reduced the immune system. Mars also squared Uranus last week (18th June) which affects the parasympathetic nervous system and is also one of the aspects of sudden erratic heart problems originating from the brain. Now Mars is transiting his 12th house which is a very dangerous place for health and especially for headaches and brain related problems.

Jupiter coming to his 10th house would have guaranteed his comeback and was in fact similar to Princess Diana was also had a huge following when she passed away and more than a billion people watched her funeral. Jupiter opposing his Mercury makes one much more spiritual also.

However, tomorrow the Moon is in Virgo (his Sun sign) and this is not a good omen as the next days there will be a deep sense of sadness around the world and this is the same configuration as Princess Diana when she passed away.

The News Which Almost Brought Down the Internet

The news coming out of Los Angeles just confirmed our worst fears that Michael Jackson just passed away. With Moon in Leo, it is as if Nature is confirming that he was truly a great artist and deserved all the adulation around the world. Scorpio, the sign of life and death, rising on the Eastern horizon in Los Angeles confirmed our fears also. It is interesting that he actually passed away when Libra was rising, the sign of love, peace and harmony but it was announced when Scorpio was rising.

As we mentioned above, tomorrow the Moon goes into Virgo around mid day and the real sad feelings will envelop the globe for about two days continuously reflecting the mood that he was born with and experienced all his life. Farrah Fawcett also died today in Los Angeles, and I have a feeling that this may have triggered off his own sense of mortality and let to the cardiac arrest he suffered.

Moon conjunct his natal Uranus in Leo (heart) at 6:35 am indicates something to do with his nervous system was administered (anesthetics for sleeping?) and the aspects were already set in place not only for the sudden shocks through which you recover and arrhythmia, but also for fame (for positive or adverse reasons).

From summer of 2008 till end of July 2009, Saturn was squaring his natal Moon making which ages people and gives more setbacks and depression. However, Jupiter this year was touching off all his Leo planets and making him feel very optimistic but also taking on more than he could handle (not getting enough physical rest and sleep).

All the people who made fun of him and were so mean will probably feel some remorse now as they feel there is nobody to replace someone with so much talent. It is sad that fifty concerts were sold out within a few hours of being available and all of his fans were waiting breathlessly for this great entertainer. May God rest his soul in peace. Michael Jackson, like Princess Diana, will probably keep inspiring a lot of future generations with his several humanitarian ventures as well as his amazing talent as shown in the most popular songs in history like Thriller, Beat It, We Are the World etc.

Followup of Transits
As I had mentioned above, end of May and beg June, Mars opposed Natal Neptune for Michael and his age group. This is a nightmare period when your immune system is down and people tend to overdose and have allergic reactions. I have a feeling that this is all related to that time. The night before, and especially in the morning when Moon touched off his natal Uranus, it set off the shock of hearing about Farrah Fawcett and his own heart going through spasms.

Moon Uranus adverse aspects are like suddenly dropping a glass plate or a vase. The reaction your body goes through is exactly what he was going through from end of May onwards as Mars had also squared his natal Uranus (prone to freak accdents to the head and spine) which often coincides with events originating in the brain. Natal Mars in 12th indicates the susceptibility to head related problems including strokes or migraines.

Some Astrology
In astrology, I have identified Mars Neptune adverse aspects as indicative of addictive tendencies and obsessions. The orb i.e. how many degrees you take before an exact aspect varies from person to person. Although Michael had Mars opp Neptune, it was very “wide”. However, Mars (energy and action) and Neptune (creativity and inspiration) clearly points to his amazing musical abilities, his sense of rhythm, his perfect timing and his total dedication to his art. In fact, you will be hard pressed to find any other aspect in his chart which points to his obsessive dedication to music and dancing.

Regardless of what the rules of astrology are, you have to go by what is obvious and work backwards to realize that you can take much wider orbs when the truth is so clear. In fact, any Mars-Neptune aspect can lead to tremendous success as well as failure or a combination of both due of its obsessive nature. It is just easier to get out of it if you are born with a positive aspect.

If you are born with a Mars Neptune aspect, then whatever you do will become an obsession, but how you offset this theme is your free choice! This is the hallmark aspect of addictions but almost every successful person is also born with it!

Unfortunately, a Mars Neptune aspect also points to a tendency towards alcohol or substance abuse as well as scandals, betrayal by those closest to you, and allergic reactions. Without a Mars Neptune aspect, we would not have some of the greatest creative geniuses, artists, musicians and performers including Leonardo da Vinci, Beethoven and Sammy Davis Jr.

Some Examples Others with Similar Aspects
of Here are some more examples of the people who were born with adverse Mars/Neptune aspects. Although they were able to sublimate their obsessive nature through work, they often miscalculated or acted on wrong hunches and went through many of the themes listed above:

Beethoven (hearing loss became a nightmare for him), Copernicus (proving that the Earth revolved around the Sun became a nightmare because of the church!), Sammy Davis Jr., Alfred Hitchcock (shared his nightmares with others), Randolph Hearst (daughter Patty was kidnapped),

Mars Neptune by transit coincides with infections, common cold, danger through water (ocean or lakes), allergic reactions, strange moods, worries, insecurities, scandals at school, nightmares, self-pity and decreases the body’s immune system. Ahmadinejad of Iran went through exactly the same aspect during the recent Iran elections which turned out to be somewhat of a nightmare as well and false accusations.

It also indicates that we may never know the whole truth as in the case of other celebrities who were going through the same aspect although more exact, Marilyn Monroe, Princess, Natalie Wood and JFK Jr.

It is ironic that finally the media is realizing the humanitarian side of this wonderful and sensitive soul instead of the false sensationalism and sentiments surrounding him while he was living. They also fail to realize that under his frail body was an athlete of remarkable abilities and it is very difficult to do what he did even for a few minutes. Not only the sudden burst of high energy but the stamina to do it over and over again for long periods of time is a hallmark of the Mars Neptune aspect.

With his unique ability to merge the talents of others, MJ combined the best styles of James Brown, Elvis, Bruce Lee (kung fu shoes, high pitched sounds and bursts of energy like a martial artist), the blues and soul singers, and even dancers from the ghettos of Harlem.

To Summarize
Regardless of what happened, we know that a combination of the humble and perfectionist Virgo side, the dramatic Leo planets and the Mars Neptune obsessive nature gave Michael the unique ability to give stunning performances to world again and again and to lift everyone’s spirits soaring to heights they had never known.

In short, Michael Jackson gave pure, groovy, unadulterated, breathtaking performances with his genius in timing, sense of rhythm, lyrics, powerful beats, and stole the hearts of millions uniting people from America to Hong Kong to the Middle East, from China to Japan (in fact all over the world), and shared some very special moments which will live on for several generations ahead.

The Memorial: It is so appropriate that today there is a full moon in the sky (Michael was also born on a full Moon!) while they are celebrating the biggest memorial anyone ever had for this very talented, gentle spirit and superstar. It is unfortunate that tabloids made money by spreading false rumours and giving a very wrong perspective of his love for children.

Ultimately, with Moon in Pisces on top of his chart, Michael will be remembered for his fantastic music and bringing so much joy in the lives of his adoring fans, both young and old. Moon in Pisces has a poignant and an ethereal quality about it which is inspired by sadness and pathos, and is like the minor chords which bond everyone to spiritual truths by touching the heart and the soul. The blues, Motown records, soul music, spiritual art and the most inspired works are all part of the Moon in Pisces.

Leonardo da Vinci portrayed his Moon in Pisces through the Madonnas he painted and the divine connection which seemed to be present in the silent prayers reflected in the eyes of his icons. Astrologically speaking, whoever named Michael after the angel, had a wonderful synchronicity with nature as it perfectly reflects a lot of the humanitarian work he did and he certainly was like a compassionate angel to millions of children whose charity his foundations still support. Indeed, there will always be a very special spot in the hearts and minds of people whenever they think of Michael Jackson.

by Hassan Jaffer


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