250px-HONDA_ASIMOI am an award winning poetess. I won an award for a poem I wrote while living in Hawaii. The competiton was sponsored by the Hawaii Arts Council. An artist was chosen to illustrate the poem and it was placed on the “DA”busses on the Island of Oahu. The program was to emulate poetry on the bus with particpants such as Andy Warhol. I like poetry in different venues so I formed the San Francisco Poetry Dance Group and we perform to my poems choreographed dance pieces. In addition I was selected to be a part of the Translating California exhibit and audio tour at the Oakland Museum of Art where I chose a contemporary painting and wrote a poem that “translated’ the painting entitled the Brown Family. Since then I have exhibited my poetry in a gallery in San Francisco. I am also a new thought minister and have used poetry I have written for spiritual inspiration to groups attending my New Thought Institute. At Grace Cathedral of San Francisco I held a poetry workshop for toddlers once they chose words from a vessel, they affixed them onto paper and enhanced the piece with art and then a guitarist sang their poems to them. Wow the children just loved this excercise in language!!! I have produced several poetry events. I haven’t any books yet but certaintly have the body of work to produce one. However my next projects will be video based. I am a mother and have a career. My boys have flown the nest. So I managed my poetry projects in between scouts, youth groups, school, hobbies, sports, ect. I relish being ordinary and being a poetess which is extraordinary. Some of my favorite poets are Rudyard Kipling, Walt Whitman. Sylvia Plath, Nikki Giovanni & Anne Sexton. My favorite unknown poet is Michael Jackson the King of Pop. I am a Capricorn with an Aquarius rising and themes in life that are of keen interest to me are, Whimsy, Love, Positive & Negative,The Universe as a living consciousness,Futurism, Historical Knowledge, Humor and Humanity!


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