San Francisco City of Light & Dark


San Franciso is really a township and it is also its own county. The city boasts beatiful views and the interiors of select homes are just as gorgeous. We pratice green as much as we can and are a forerunner in the field. There are many artists, techies, homeowners, famileies, singles, gays, transgenders, entrpreneurs and just regular folk here. Cheap eats are in the mission and tenderloin districts.WE have areas that experience much violence such as the bayview, the mission and the western addition. The beautiful areas are sea cliff, pacific heights, the richmond district and parts of the sunset district and haight ashbury heights,twin peaks &ST. Francisco woods areas.Great restaurants are in the Soma district and south of Soma or Mission bay. Our baseball park is on the waterfront in the soma district.Throught the city is diverse we have a chinatown, japantown and a neighborhood dedicated to Saigon. San Franciscans are challenging,creative, smart & fun. Locals call it Frisco; urban hip hop youth call it the SCO. Unfortunately we have gangs red or blue. so if you are a person of color avoid these colors in the mission district and other high crime ares.Our homeless population is large and they get benefits from the state notably food stamps 200.00 a month and 60.00 a month general assistance w/o a stable address. Join the paes program (job search) and get a free bus monthly bus pass. Young Urbans love to party in the haight or soma and eat all over town we are not shy to show up for Korean Barbecue for instance if someone has reviewd we go!San Francisco’s weather is mostly mild and rains in the winter and is cold in the summer. When we get a heat wave we bow to the Fog God when he drapes his cool cloak about San Francisco’s soldiers. Grace Cathedral is a greast default church episcopal in formation and accepts everyone! Kids love Sf but it is hard to be a teenager in SF because of lessened mobility do not travel to the gang territories if you are a teen. Teens get in fights on the Muni bus and the schools are competitive.
San Francisco on certain days has an atmospheric sunlight that can only be expresed as golden these rare days and ones to be treasured or at least noted. Need more info write to me at


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