All Else or The House That Peter built

Ever since I was little I have been fascinated by tiny homes. When I was a teen (sixteen’ish)I had a tiny room that was all mine too, I kept my science fiction book collection,my Nancy Drew’s, Little Women, Grimms Fairy Tales, 70’s posters, a found book or two of poetry and my fashionable clothes. That tiny room was my imaginarium to such an effect that when people asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I promptly answered “an intellectual!’ I am a late bloomer so at the time that was my only way I knew how to express that I really wanted to be a poetess who was ordinary, an iNDIVIDUAL who loved life, who was loyal to humanity and her country and a keen observer of life all the while possessing & developing a wry sense of humor.
I never thought that I could grow up to become a mother with two sons named Dexter and Ariel or a real award winning poetess yet here I am folks and I cherish the 17 year old me and have not allowed that very precious part of me to be corrupted all else happened on the outside of it.
When I was much younger I used to create little doll houses out of found materials as well. I loved the coziness expressed in Peter Rabbit’s house like a little hut and full of warmth and love and drawings on the wall. I like the teletubbies cozy home and the way they make toast in their little abode. Here’s to coziness, warmth, furry animals, children, imagination,loyalty, faith, uncorrupted inner selves and L.OV.E.


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